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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I'm in a writin' mood

Originally uploaded by SoxIn18.

I probably won't write on back-to-back days too much, but I do have more cartoons to upload. Here is the second installment of "States of Mind." (There are four completed ones total.) I'm hoping they are all readable (and maybe even enjoyable). People are still talking about the election, even the folks I sat next to in a restaurant in Boston's Chinatown last night.

Also, of course, today marks the 63rd anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Strange, in this time when we're at war again -- although it's a vastly different kind than the one we entered in 1941 -- that I haven't seen much written in newspaper op-ed pages about the attack. I did read this article about the Battle of the Bulge in the Wall Street Journal. Regarding the value of education in wartime, Bill O'Neill, in his book "A Democracy at War," makes the case that one reason why the US won World War II was because the generation that fought it was the nation's best educated.


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