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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Number nine, number nine, number nine...

Israel Cartoon 9
Originally uploaded by SoxIn18.
These cartoons are taking a little longer. I used the brush pen more on this one, and I feel it's paid off on the leather jacket I'm wearing in the second-to-last panel. Next edition, there will be a change of narrators.

In other news today, I heard Ralph Nader speak at Harvard. He's certainly compelling -- said a lot of good things about the problems of the two-party system, and the harm wrought by corporations. He's long been a darling of the extreme Left and the extremely young, both of which I was, once ... I still think his views are sound, but what a price we paid for his entering the election in 2000.

Then again, he did make the good point that in some cases, the Democrats are almost as bad as the Republicans. I still think that Gore would have made a better president than Bush, and he wouldn't have packed his inner circle with capitalist cronies. Then again, how much could he have achieved with the Republicans in control of Congress?

I think the debate over who is President is somewhat simplistic -- it's Congress, after all, that is entrusted with drafting legislation. Sure, Bush has a lot of power domestically thanks to folks like Ashcroft and Gonzalez, and power abroad because of Rumsfeld and Cheney ... but he wouldn't have the power if he didn't have the legislative support. (I think!)


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