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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm back!

After nearly a month, I have a new posting. My friend Philip Klein has a blog now, so take a look at it, faithful readers. Even if he and I usually occupy different ends of the political spectrum.

Also, there's a delightful article in The Nation on sports by Dave Zirin. Bravo, bravo. Zirin manages to criticize the foibles of sports while remaining passionate about their beauty. One of the finer pieces of writing about sports that I've seen.

Saw the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company perform Hamlet on the Boston Common ("Ay, madam, it is common") on Saturday. Overall, the acting was wonderful. Kudos to Jeffrey Donovan for his role as Hamlet, and to Jeremiah Kissel for his fine rendition of the First Gravedigger's lines. In the conversation between Hamlet and the Gravedigger, the audience gets an excellent impression of the country bumpkin's street smarts (or barn smarts?) juxtaposed with Hamlet's scholarly snobbishness.


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