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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Return of the Native

Theo Epstein's departure from the Boston Red Sox left a lot of people wondering "Why?" They should be asking, "How soon before he comes back?" Read my explanation.

Also, today's Boston Globe has a funny interview with Richard Kiel, who played Jaws in the James Bond movies. This man stands a whopping seven feet, two inches tall, and he weighs an incredible 320 pounds.
Kiel comes across as a talented and interesting guy, albeit one who will always be carrying around the reputation of the fearsome monster with the killer teeth who consistently comes close to planting those choppers in 007's flesh. "I'm an intelligent guy who always plays these huge thugs," he tells the Globe's Mark Shanahan. Shanahan, whose past subjects have included Tom Brady and Sarah Silverman, deserves some credit himself for not being intimidated by this behemoth and focusing on getting answers to his questions.


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