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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Living in America

Where do you want to live? Someplace liberal or someplace conservative? If you're a city person, then check out the following study.

Among its surprising findings: Liberals are less educated than conservatives. Less surprising revelations: More people are married in conservative cities than in liberal ones. With regard to ethnic composition, cities with large African-American populations tend to be liberal.

Two cities from my home state, Cambridge (No. 8) and Boston (No. 24), are in the Top 25 list of most liberal. No representation for us Bay Staters in the "other" Top 25. But geography doesn't necessarily dictate politics, especially if you're from California. From liberal Berkeley to conservative Orange, the state is well-represented in both Top 25 lists.

Why the sudden interest in geography as it relates to politics? (Mysterious smile.)


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